Mass management accreditation - HV Compliance -2

Case Preparation

Chain of Responsibility (CoR) prosecutions under the revised Chain of Responsibility Heavy Vehicle National Law can be resource-intensive. The Regulator will conduct the site inspection and have all your records and the physical evidence from the machinery inspection. Its role is to articulate the offences that have been committed. You need to show why the evidence of the Regulator falls short of establishing the offence and to establish your defence. These include explaining that your organisation had taken all the steps necessary.

Here at HV Compliance, we accept pre-trial appointments to review the business activities. We will identify all the elements where the necessary steps have been taken. Working through your reasonable steps defence will enhance preparing for the trial, improve your business efficiency, and reduce penalties.

Here are the advantages of the Case Preparation investment:

Reduce court case costs

Reduce the post-trial rectification time and costs

Prevent further issues leading up to trial

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