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When you have access to HV Compliance’s extensive experience in training, managing, and implementing CoR compliance systems, it guarantees Compliance. We offer a professional CoR framework and training developed in combination with the Australian Logistic Council’s National Logistics Safety Code. Also, we facilitate a Chain of Responsibility System and Framework that’s designed to protect our clients against Breaches and Prosecutions. If you seek expert help with Compliance, please feel free to deal with HV Compliance.

Detailed CoR Compliance Process - HV Compliance

Detailed CoR Compliance Process

When HV Compliance’s compliance systems, as well as approaches, are combined, this develops seven distinct stages for your company to complete CoR Compliance.

1. Business Review, Gap Analysis & CoR Compliance Recommendations

2. Design CoR Framework

3. Framework validation

4. Implement CoR System (Management, Training, Compliance)

5. System implementation validation

6. CoR Compliance Health Check,

7. CoR Compliance Audit


Integrated And Customised Approach

Heavy Vehicle Compliance’s CoR Compliance System and process that is built to help your Company achieve CoR Compliance is developed in four phases. Each phase is created to develop upon the previous. This ensures an integrated and customized approach to achieving CoR Compliance. The phases of the CoR Compliance process are described below.

Phase One

The Business Review, Gap Analysis and CoR Compliance Report and recommendations are designed.

Phase Two

The CoR Framework Development is designed to provide the high-level system and framework of CoR policies.

Phase Three

The CoR Compliance System is built upon 3 pillars to provide operational compliance, training & ongoing CoR management.

In the final phase, Health Checks and Audits take place. Thus, when performing any CoR Compliance project work for your Company, HV Compliance utilises a unique system of design, implementation, health check and audit. This process ensures that all work accomplished can be integrated with the existing systems and frameworks of your company. Also, it ensures that every phase of the process passes through the necessary internal and external validation processes. This further contributes to building a strong basis for any reasonable steps defence for CoR Compliance. Contact us to know more.

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Our courses are accessible 24/7. You can complete your course from anywhere with our convenient training delivery.


The courses can be customised for your operations. Our friendly assessors will guide you through the entire process.


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Your Training Needs

 Want to ensure you meet the CoR and other state and federal government laws and requirements? Then Chain of Responsibility training is the key step you need to take. Our training program provides courses designed for all staff, contractors and anyone who is part of the Chain of Responsibility. Here is a brief overview of our training program:

Cor training HV Compliance

Chain of Responsibility

Introduction to CoR, Apply Chain of Responsibility Legislation, Regulations and Workplace Procedures, and more.

Fatigue management accreditation

Fatigue Management

Introduction to Chain of Responsibility, basic fatigue (awareness), Apply Fatigue Management Strategies, and more.

Nhvr mass management - HV-compliance-au

Loading and Unloading

Introduction to Chain of Responsibility, basic loading & unloading (awareness), Load and Unload Goods/Cargo, and more.