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Fatigue Management Accreditation

Fatigue Management Accreditation means better safety & flexibility, from heightened awareness & efficient risk management.

Fatigue Management Accreditation under the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme offers the operators the facility of heightened flexibility regarding when drivers can work and rest, so long as the risks related to Heavy Vehicle Driver Fatigue are managed effectively.

Heavy Vehicle Compliance and Accreditation

Basic Fatigue Management

Operators can apply for either Basic Fatigue Management (BFM Accreditation) or Advanced Fatigue Management (AFM Accreditation). Each of the modules will have its own bunch of Standards needing operators to design & implement a range of Auditable Policies & Procedures. These let them meet the needs of the Accreditation Standard.

Efficient risk management reinforces an operator’s accreditation. Also, it focuses on the enhancement in knowledge & awareness regarding driver fatigue & its prevention. It further entails driver health, fitness for duty and monitoring as well. Nationally Recognised Training should be performed by Drivers & Schedulers or people playing a role in the rostering of drivers as well as scheduling of loads. Additional in house training & induction into an operator’s Fatigue Management System is also necessary.

Proofs of this training & induction should be mentioned in the form of an Induction Approval Letter for every driver. And this should be specific to the operator’s accreditation and performed by them at all times.

Fatigue Management Accreditation

  • Advanced Fatigue Management & Risk Classification System
  • Advanced Fatigue Management Accreditation Standard
  • Basic Fatigue Management Accreditation Standard
  • How to Become Accredited