WAHVA accredited-HV-Compliance

Strategic Reviews

Strategic reviews help determine better solutions that will reduce costs while improving efficiency and addressing associated risks. There are many cases where historic practices have continued well past their use by the date. However, their continued use actually exposes the business to various risks.

The best strategies for achieving an efficient compliant system are reviewing practices, always keeping them up to date with current work practices, risk solutions and laws, etc.

If you want to have complete control over your risk management solution, you need to have a system that gets your attention to issues and places them on a timeline for correction, within a budget.

A strategic review will legalise good work practices while identifying opportunities for improvements in your business.  When required, these improvements and good work practices need the support of the Systems, Policies, Processes, Procedures, Tools including Chain of Responsibility and Occupational Health and Safety compliance expectations.

An inclusive review and evaluation by HV Compliance are performed on-site by our industry experts and this comprises:

Reviewing your transport providers and other Supply Chain Partners to evaluate their levels of Chain of Responsibility compliance

Review your internal documentation and arrangement with supply chain partners. This is how you can assess them against your actual business operations

Documentation of the actions needed to resolve any Chain of Responsibility compliance problems

Evaluating the supply chain stress points as well as blockages

The gist of your present level of Chain of Responsibility compliance

Reviewing your internal policies and procedures, etc.

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