Cor compliance-australia

System Implementation

HV Compliance strives to improve reporting and template systems that are tailored to fulfill your chain of responsibility activities, supply chain partners, and the Code of Practice you have secured to:

Ensure employees’ physical well-being is routinely monitored.

Acquire necessary information to reduce hazards.

Control measures implementation and evaluation throughout time.

Maintain OHS and CoR compliant records.

In all work systems, implement a systematic risk assessment, hazard identification, risk control, and review procedure (references to “health” include hazards to psychological health).

Controlling employee training needs, including contractors and managers. It guarantees that they receive the necessary training, supervision, and guidance, as well as induction and continued training.

Consult with employees whose jobs are directly affected by workplace choices and changes, as well as their OHS representatives.

Mentoring, system coaching, and support services should be implemented as part of the Champions implementation.

CoR Compliance Implementation

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