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Policy Implementation

How to make sure you have taken practical measures?

Trust our compliance services and that will illuminate all the hassle from CoR implementation in your company…

Also, you can have a consultant who will manage it all on your behalf!

Well, there are no restrictions on the methods through which an individual or a company can show that they have taken all practical steps to comply with CoR laws.

To speak the truth, reasonable steps differ as per the conditions. But the question that lasts until the end is “What policies, procedures, systems, tools and training can you show that you have?”

Forget the hassle because HV Compliance is here to make it way less complicated with our Compliance Services

In our Compliance Services, you’ll come across the complete resource of policies, templates, forms, as well as procedures. And all these took us countless days to develop. This package has been developed by our experts with years of experience in the transport and logistics business. We have carefully researched and benchmarked, and we have created this to help our clients and their companies. This will help them become completely compliant with the Chain of Responsibility legislation by the implementation of these policies, processes, forms and guides across their company.

The package of course that we sell is a complete set of customizable Chain of Responsibility policies, processes, and compliance form templates that are ready for implementation. You just need to insert your company’s logo, change every other company-specific aspect and get a printout of all of them. All these are fully customizable and that allows you to make your own changes. This is how each resource becomes suitably applicable to your company. On purchasing this manual you’ll get a hard copy as well as a soft copy. And that is why you can easily implement all of these templates, forms, policies and procedures into the current processes of your business.

The package has hundreds of pages that cover many policies, procedures, along with tools that address speed, load restraint, fatigue, mass, dimension and all other requirements of the Chain of Responsibility legislation.

Cor compliance-australia

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