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Maintenance Management Accreditation

Maintenance Management Accreditation provides greater efficiency and road safety through clearly defined and standardised maintenance and inspection practices.

Heavy Vehicle Compliance and Accreditation

Maintenance Management Accreditation

NHVAS Maintenance Management Accreditation encourages heavy vehicle operators to take more responsibility for ensuring that the vehicles are maintained to the manufacturer’s recommendations or better. It acknowledges operators who have an auditable Maintenance Management System in place that contains policies and procedures that they develop in order to qualify for the accreditation. The policies and procedures should outline how the vehicles are to be maintained, how damages, faults & breakdowns are handled, and how and when preventive maintenance and inspections are to be performed.

Maintenance Managed

If you are an accredited operator, you must maintain your vehicles and equipment to all legislative and regulatory standards. Please note that vehicles that are Maintenance Managed do not need to go through annual registration inspections. Also, because you are maintaining your vehicles to a higher standard, you expect to experience fewer breakdowns. What’s more, you can build and maintain better relationships with enforcement agencies.

Maintenance policies and procedures

You must ensure that the Maintenance policies and procedures are covering the required level of maintenance for all vehicles and equipment within your fleet adequately. All personnel who are involved in maintaining the vehicles must be given in-house training in the application of Maintenance Management System policies and procedures. You must keep the records of training as evidence of Understanding & Awareness.