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Loading & Unloading

The Loading and Unloading regulations cover a wide range of new national laws. These laws are designed to help you assure that commodities and cargo are loaded and are properly protected and secured for transportation. The regulations provide detailed knowledge on the dimension as well as weight limits for load and vehicle, load safety needs, special needs for oversize or over mass, etc. Also, the guidance covers loads along with dangerous commodities and the responsibilities of parties in the supply chain for safe load restraint.


The training takes staff through:

Loading the goods safely

Securing and protecting the goods appropriately

Legal obligations during loading and unloading activities

Preparing the goods for loading

Unloading the goods safely at the destination

Completing relevant documentation

At HV Compliance, we facilitate three modes of delivery for programs to participants.


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Distance Mode:

Self-paced learning

Face To Face:

Face-to-face training with minimal disruption to the workforce.

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Basic Loading and Unloading Course (Awareness)

Course Description

The “Basic Loading and Unloading course (Awareness)” includes the course content from our nationally recognised “Loading and Unloading Course” (TLID2004: Load and unload goods/cargo). But, this comes only with the basic quiz-based evaluation.

This course is only an introductory course and this is not recognised for “TLID2004: Load and unload goods/cargo”. You will get a Certificate of Completion only but not a Statement of Attainment.

We would suggest you complete this course if you are not presently working or are not pursuing a job where you can show the application of secure loading and unloading strategies. If you start working or change job roles, you can upgrade the course to the nationally recognised “Loading and Unloading” course after completing the additional assessment tasks (along with the Observation, Practical and Third-Party Assessments) as well as further payment.

Course Outline

The “Basic Loading and Unloading course” is going to provide you with an outline of how to safely prepare, lift, position and restrain goods on a vehicle platform and then unload goods at the destination.

After completing the “Basic Loading and Unloading course”, you can explain your legal obligations during loading and unloading activities, prepare the commodities for loading the commodities safely, secure and protect the goods appropriately, unload the goods safely at the destination, while completing the relevant documentation.

Course Duration

You need to consider approximately 2.5-3 hours completing this course and the online evaluation quizzes to get the Certificate of Completion. You will need to allow another 1.5-3 hours to complete the additional assessments tasks if you want to upgrade to the nationally recognised “Loading and Unloading” course to get the full Statement of Attainment.

Pre-requisite Requirements

There are no pre-requisite requirements for this course.

TLID2004 Loading and Unloading Course (Nationally Recognized)

Course Outline

The ‘Loading and Unloading’ course will offer you the skills and knowledge to safely prepare, lift, position and restrain goods on a vehicle platform and then unload commodities at the destination.

After you complete the ‘Loading and unloading’ course, you can:

Load the goods safely

Secure and protect the goods appropriately

Explain your legal obligations during loading and unloading activities

Prepare the goods for loading

Unload the goods safely at the destination, and

Complete relevant documentation.

This course is an interactive and engaging way to build your knowledge and understand ways to reduce or eliminate risks at the time of loading and unloading activities. These risks may be to you (as the loader), to people around you (such as other loaders, drivers and pedestrians), as well as to the load itself.

The course is described and it comprises a compact optional quiz at the end of each module. After you complete the last module, you need to complete the Survey, Observation Assessment and Practical Assessment as well.

The survey must be accomplished before moving on to the Observation Assessment and Practical Assessment. We prioritise your feedback and the survey will get you the chance to answer several questions regarding your thoughts on the Loading and Unloading course.

During the Observation Assessment, you will be asked to watch a video of a truck being loaded.  Then you will have to answer several questions depending on what you have seen and observed in the video.

The Practical Assessment will ask you to submit a video or photos of yourself, where you are completing a number of loading tasks including:

lifting and positioning a load on a vehicle

restraining the load, and

performing a Safety Inspection.

You should also answer several questions depending on your video or photos that depict:

How you lifted and positioned the load

How you restrained it, and

What goods you loaded

Why did you select that vehicle

The results of your safety inspection.

During the Third Party Observation Assessment, your manager or supervisor will observe you completing a range of tasks and complete a Third Party Evidence Report based on your tasks.

After you pass each assessment, you will get a confirmation email comprising your Statement of Attainment.

Course Duration

Please consider roughly 4 to 6 hours completing this course and the related evaluations.

Pre-requisite requirements

There are no pre-requisite requirements for this course.

Recurrent Training Requirements

It is suggested that learners should complete the nationally recognised ‘Loading and Unloading’ course every year to make sure their knowledge and understanding stays current. The latest training will also help show that practical measures were taken for the prevention of a loading or unloading related breach of Chain of Responsibility from occurring in your workplace or as a result of your activities.

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