Detailed CoR Compliance Process - HV Compliance

Heavy Vehicle Accreditation

Do you want to accredit your business under The National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme NHVASWestern Australia Heavy Vehicle Accreditation WAHVA, Truck Safe, or ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems? Not sure which Accreditation Option best suits your Business? We are here to help you out!

We can help you to make the process of undergoing accreditation easier. Here at HV Compliance, we are delivering a hassle-free, value-adding transition towards increased operational efficiencies, higher standards of safety and compliance management, and positioning your business to achieve industry excellence.


It increases the levels of compliance

Greater awareness of risks within your business

It drives continual improvement within your business

It helps to improve vehicle and equipment efficiencies

It Provides your customers with confidence that your organisation effectively manages its obligations under COR, Duty of Care and Vehicle Maintenance.

Cor compliance