Heavy vehicle accreditation - HV Compliance

Supply Chain Partners

HV Compliance has worked with major industries. And this enables us to confirm that all parties are managing the CoR exposure across the supply chain in an efficient and coordinated manner.

This approach has enabled the parties to move beyond a simple “risk transfer” subcontracted model to a highly efficient working model. This model aligns with CoR, and it also manages risks throughout the supply chain while reducing costs.

There are many supply chain parties who understand the direct risks in their immediate operations. They manage their contract risks by meeting the Performance Specification in the service contracts. For many people, this might seem to be a reasonable approach, until something turns gets messed up.

There are multiple ways to monitor, improve, and share the efficiency gains.

Unless all parties are likely to benefit, no opportunity for gain will be explored.

Any supply chain partner will have this one question in their mind. And that is what to do if the well run Transport Company they use, doesn’t continue to operate under the contract effectively?

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