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Supervisory Order

Several of the solutions and functionality are available via HV Compliance Training, Compliance, and Review services. These can be used to assist clients who are subject to court-ordered Supervisory Intervention procedures.

As a respectable citizen under a Supervisory Intervention Order, you can schedule an appointment with us to: Ensure that the CoR Laws are being followed. Assist in improving CoR Laws compliance.

HV Compliance can aid in the development of the Supervisory Intervention Order by providing Compliance Reports to the Regulator and/or the Court on the CoR operations of a “guilty party.” This will guarantee that all legal requirements are met. We also enhance the capacity of your firm while strengthening your distribution network ties.

We want to help you improve your adherence by providing training at all stages of your company. We also assist with overseeing personnel training and guiding to establish and execute appropriate CoR processes, structures, principles, methods, strategies, and techniques in ensuring compliance with the CoR Laws.

We offer professional advice on how to comply with the CoR Laws HV audits and evaluate your structures, operations, methods, policies, and COR instruments.

Moreover, compliance is in charge of conducting auditing processing and preparing reports for the following: Management,  The Regulatory Authority, and The Court of Appeal. We also undertake pre-trial appointments to reduce the risk of further CoR non-compliance.

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