CoR Compliance Implementation


For the new requirements, the necessity for new necessities is quite extensive.

HV Compliance bonds with clients, fortifying the innate expertise and resources alike. We assist in fulfilling the pivotal requirements.

We have a continuous support program in place that aids staff and management both in meeting CoR necessities.

Multiple times operations have been seen to be wrapped up in past practices, thus not conforming to New York practices or CoR requirements.

We present our clients vision and logic to revisit their practices and systems in place, large-scale responsibilities, over-burdening and much more else resulting in high performance of staff.

A comprehensive new strategy in responses, implementation, policies and procedures can be challenging.

HV Compliance steps in with support for implementation of change management.

HV Compliance operates seamlessly to corroborate current set of skills and resources in the following manner:

    Help managers to adapt to change all around.

    Equip managers with change management skills.

    Help managers to have new skills necessary to cope.

    Help managers to devise change management project plans.

    Walk them through the change management process.

    Provide support through change management procedure.

    Spotting efficiencies and business possibilities.

    Administer obligations ensuing OHS & CoR alike.

    We provide a whole set of training solutions such as:

      Change of Responsibility ( CoR ) Training.

      Tailor-made E-learning Modules.

      Loading & Unloading.

      CoR Compliance Systems and much more.

      Supporting and mentoring yields more knowledge and experience to HV Compliance.

      We deliver a range of training solutions like Change of Responsibility (CoR) Training, virtual learning modules, loading and unloading, compliance systems, and more.

      If you want to know more about our services or have doubts regarding CoR law, please get in touch.